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About Milos

Milos Marjanovic, Esq.



Originally from Eastern Europe, Milos Marjanovic immigrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1997 with his family. New Mexico became Milos’ new home where he went to high school, college and graduate school. Milos’ drive and work ethic to succeed started from his early years of being an immigrant. He had to learn English to go to school. He received a black belt in Taekwondo in 2007 and became a junior Olympian. Finally, Milos became the first person in his family to become an Attorney. Always trying to help and succeed, Milos Marjanovic graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law and opened up Marjanovic Law, LLC in 2017. Milos’ focus with his firm is to help New Mexicans of all income levels by intentionally being a smaller firm. By being a smaller firm, Marjanovic Law, LLC is able to help every client that walks through its doors without the fear of mandatory billable hours or other red tape that comes along with larger firms.


Milos enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his dog, riding motorcycles, fishing, hunting and hiking. 

Our Practice

Criminal Matters




Driving While Intoxicated or Driving under the influence is an Misdemeanor or Felony in the State of New Mexico depending on your specific circumstance. The DWI/DUI can also be an Aggravated charge with mandatory jail time if convicted depending on your specific circumstance. Milos Marjanovic has defended clients alleged of DWI/DUI in both the criminal arena and separate administrative hearings with the Motor Vehicle Division. While attending the University of New Mexico School of Law, Milos Marjanovic also prosecuted DWI/DUI in the 2nd Judicial Metropolitan Court. 

Traffic Tickets: 

Traffic Tickets can affect the points you have on your license if you are convicted, which in turn might be reported to the Motor Vehicle Division and raise your insurance premiums. Traffic Tickets become a bigger obstacle if you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) due to federal “anti-masking laws”. Marjanovic Law, LLC regularly fights for their clients and tries to ensure that the Traffic Tickets are cleared or in alternative, not used by insurance companies to raise premiums. 


 If simple Traffic Tickets are not addressed in a timely manner, the court will usually issue a warrant. Motor Vehicle Division is notified and if the warrant is not quashed, sooner or later it will have to be addressed. When the persons drivers license expires (regardless in what state that person lives in) that person will not be issued a new driver’s license until the warrant is cleared in New Mexico. Milos Marjanovic has helped clients clear their warrants and resolve the underlying charges in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas and ensured the clients livelihoods are not impacted by not having a valid drivers license due to a warrant.

Reckless Driving/Careless Driving/Speeding: 

Clients face high points on their records, or even mandatory jail time depending on what they are charged with in this area of the law and what the facts are. Milos Marjanovic fights for all of his clients to ensure their case is treated fairly and Marjanovic Law, LLC makes sure their clients do not face these possible consequences alone.


Possession of drug paraphernalia may often bring unintended consequences like not being able to get federal loans if you want to go college. It is important to have an attorney guide you through the process of fighting such charges. Marjanovic Law, LLC is ready to help regardless if you want to continue your education or not. 

Domestic Violence: 

An argument can be made that being falsely accused of domestic violence is just as damaging to one’s reputation and character as committing domestic violence. Family members, kids and friends are all affected by such allegations and it is important to get to the truth quickly. Not to mention that the alleged persons other rights like their Second Amendment right to own firearms is affected as well. Milos is ready to help anybody accused of Domestic Violence to ensure their rights are protected and that they get treated fairly. 

Guardianships and Conservatorships



Adult Guardianships/ Conservatorships: 

When a person with mental or physical disabilities turns 18 years old, sometimes having a guardian appointed is necessary in order for that person to function in society. The guardian would help the incapacitated person with things like every day chores, medical appointments or decisions and medication management. On the other hand, adult guardianships can also be used to help an elderly person who was independent all their life, but now needs help due to the aging. Regardless of what the protected persons situation is, an adult guardianship proceeding needs a petitioning attorney (the attorney for the proposed guardian), a guardian ad litem (who is the attorney of the alleged incapacitated person) a Court Visitor (usually a social worker) and a Qualified Health Care Professional who provides a Medical Report. To add to the complexity, the guardian can be a person (like a mother of father) or a company who deals with incapacitated persons often called a corporate guardian. If the person has enough assets or money, a conservator is also needed who’s job is to look over assets. 

Milos Marjanovic has served as Guardian Ad litem is dozens of Adult Guardianships. As Guardian Ad litem in Adult Guardianships, Milos makes sure that the alleged incapacitated persons position is heard by the court, he interviews the petitioner, the Qualified Health Care Professional and Court Visitor, and makes a recommendation to the court weather in this case a full plenary guardianship is necessary. If a full plenary guardianship is not necessary, then other avenues are explored like limited guardianships, power of attorney or caregivers affidavits. 

Milos Marjanovic has also dealt with Adult Guardianships as the Petitioning Attorney as well. In that role, Milos represents the proposed guardian (often the mother of the alleged incapacitated person but not always) and drafts the petition and all other necessary paperwork that is needed. At the time of the hearing, Milos represents the proposed guardian’s position that is alleged in the petition. 

Kinship Guardianship: 

Kinship Guardianships are similar to Adult Guardianship with the main difference being that the proposed guardian is a relative like grandparents or aunts or uncles of the proposed incapacitate person. For a Kinship Guardianship to be able to go to court, certain prerequisites also have to be present like a certain amount of time the proposed person was with the proposed guardian. 

Civil Matters




If somebody was unreasonable by doing something OR failed to do something and as a result you were hurt, you may have a negligence claim. Milos Marjanovic has dealt with negligence claims on both sides as Plaintiff and Defense. Marjanovic Law, LLC is ready to consult anybody who has questions or would like help in this area of the law. 

Breach of Contract/Unjust Enrichment:  

If you have an agreement with another party and that party does not perform their end of the bargain, you may have a breach of contract or unjust enrichment or both. Milos Marjanovic has worked on cases involving breach of contract in order to help his clients get reimbursed for their damages. Typical cases that Milos has dealt with are instances where a renovation was not performed up to the agreement both in the home or back yard or a sale of property or vehicle was not as advertised.

Hostile work environment:  

Being harassed at work by management or coworkers for your gender, sex or even disability is against the law both under Federal and State law. Marjanovic Law, LLC has helped clients with these types of issues regardless if the employer is a big franchise restaurant or the State of New Mexico.   

Personal Injury claims/Vehicle accidents:

  Injuries can occur in an infinite amount of ways. Milos Marjanovic is ready to help his clients navigate the legal process that comes along with injuries, whether they are a vehicle injury and Insurance Companies are involved or if it’s a slip and fall on private property.